Golf Attire for Women

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Most golf clubs have their own rules about that the attire you should wear on their courses. But for women, the following are widely accepted.


Most courses would ask women to wear blouses with or without sleeves. However, the most popular top for female golfers is the polo-style shirt. These tops may come in different designs depending on what the golfer prefers. T-shirts, tank tops, and halters are improper are considered improper.


Slacks are common in spring and autumn. But on warmer days, women tend to go for the shorts, crops, capris, and other types of shorter slacks. A combination of shorts and skirts, which is known as skorts, is also popular among women on the golf course. If you’re a woman golfer, make sure that the pants you wear are knee-length or longer. Athletic pants, sundresses, and jeans are unacceptable.

Jackets and Sweaters

Golfers tend to dress in layers during the cold seasons. A wind shirt, a collared button shirt, a sweater, or a light jacket is a good option on cold days. Consider reading about golf tips for beginners to know what clothing is the best for women. Avoid sweatshirts and denim jackets.

Caps and Hats

Most golfers would want to protect their skin and eyes from the sun. The good news is that most golf clubs don’t dictate the type of head covering for players. Different designs, fabric, and colours are all accepted. But you may want to go for the designer golf caps or hats if you want to look modern and stylish.


Most golf courses require that you wear spikeless shoes. If they have spikes, they should be soft or non-metal to protect the grass. If you don’t have golf shoes, you can try sneakers or running shoes with a good grip. Boots, sandals, and street shoes are improper.

Given that the golf attire depends on the golf course be sure to ask in advance what’s required.

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