Golf Etiquette for Spectators

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Golf etiquette isn’t limited to players alone. Spectators or fans are also expected to behave in certain ways.

Switch off the Phone

Like players, golf spectators are required to keep their phone silent at all times. Ideally, golf is played in serene environments and isn’t associated with lots of noise. If it’s a must that you should pick up your phone, move away from the crowd before receiving your call. But to avoid drawing much attention, switch off your phone.

Keep Movements to the Minimal

Any slight movement, especially from fans, calls for unnecessary attention. Avoid moving from place to place. Make sure that all players have putted out before you can leave the green area. In essence, don’t move before players. You shouldn’t run around the course when the tournament is ongoing.

Tip: You can move to help an injured player or fan. Consider learning how to deal with back pain and other injuries that are common in golf.

Keep Your Praises and Criticisms to Yourself

Both players and spectators are emotional and will undoubtedly react to winning and losing. Of course, you can cheer a good shot, but be sure to do this moderately or most justly. No need to jump up or throw your hands in the air when applauding your player. And take care not to ridicule a bad shot by the loser. It affects them emotionally and may take away their morale.

Golf Attire for Spectators

Golf is a classic game and comes with its dressing code. Strive to look like your favourite players. Wear a collared polo shirt and some khaki shorts or trousers. For women, skirts or shorts that are knee-length or longer are perfect options. Avoid jeans or revealing clothes. If you don’t have spikeless shoes go to the ones with soft, non-metal spikes to prevent wear and tear of the grass.

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